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Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to welcome you to ALPIC 2022 (Advanced Learning on Platelets & Thrombosis International Course), the 12th international scientific event on Platelets and Thrombosis, taking place this year in Kalavrita, Peloponnese, Greece, at Kalavrita Canyon Hotel, on 04-06 November, 2022. ALPIC 2022 is organized by the European and Mediterranean League against Thrombotic Diseases (EMLTD), having as Course Directors Professors A. Tselepis, I. Goudevenos and H. Milionis. The Course aims to serve as a knowledge transfer forum for scientists in the current aspects of Platelet and Thrombosis research, ranging from the basic science to the clinical practice. The scientific program is designed to highlight the rapid development and ongoing evolution on the mechanisms underlying Thrombosis and Haemostasis along with discussion regarding all current advances in Antiplatelet and Anticoagulant therapy. We are proud that ALPIC has gain worldwide warm acceptance and recognition for its scientific merit and we do hope that ALPIC 2022 will further strengthen the European and Mediterranean network for Thrombosis in both basic research and clinical practice. ALPIC 2022 is organized with the contribution of our hosting partners, the Atherothrombosis Research Centre of the University of Ioannina and the Institute for the Study and Education on Thrombosis and Antithrombotic Therapy, which will give us the opportunity to bring together scientists and experts having a wide spectrum of disciplines, who will share current knowledge on various aspects of Thrombosis. The course local organizing committee consisted of University Professors with different specialties has created an attractive and comprehensive scientific programme with care and appreciation for attendees’ scientific and personal enjoyment. An internationally recognized panel of invited speakers will present state of the art lectures and will create an excellent opportunity for all participants to stimulate an extended and very constructive discussion both inside and outside the lecture hall.

The dreamy setting with picturesque squares, stone-paved streets and cute little houses of Kalavrita will welcome ALPIC 2022. Kalavrita is a town, a province and a municipality in the East Central part of the prefecture of Achaia. The historic town of Kalavryta, one of the most exciting destination of Peloponnese, will add to the scientific quality of the presentations, making this event a remarkable one for all participants. The Organizers will spare no efforts to ensure that ALPIC 2022 will be an exciting and enriching experience for all participants. We welcome you and we wish you all enjoy ALPIC 2022 in the picturesque landscape offered by Kalavrita and its mountainous landscape.

With our best regards,

The ALPIC 2022 Course Directors

Prof. Alexandros Tselepis

Prof. Ioannis Goudevenos

Prof. Haralampos Milionis

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