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General Conditions

The website is an internet website belonging to the company “CONGRESS WORLD ONE PERSON COMPANY which is based in Athens (27, Michalakopoulou Street, 115 28) and will be referred in the present as “CONGRESS WORLD”.

The present terms of use of the members of the website, opposed to the general terms and conditions for the use of the website, apply exclusively to its members who have access to the services of the website (hereafter “the website”).

CONGRESS WORLD, as the owner of the website, offers its members access to the content of the website under these terms of use. Members are required to read them carefully and visit the pages and its content only if they accept them fully. In case of disagreement, even at some point, they are required not to make any use of the website.


These special terms of use may be modified without prior notice. Members should regularly visit the page and be informed of any changes made to them. In case of objection, even at any point of the modification, members retain the right to delete their registration to the website and delete all the information provided at their registration process (see below for the deletion process).


The collection, submission, organization and any sort of processing of personal data of the members will take place in accordance with the law 2472/1997 as it is in force each time, the relevant acts and decisions of the competent Authority and the relevant national and Community legislation. CONGRESS WORLD. is obliged to take appropriate technical or organizational measures for the security of the services provided and the protection of the personal data of the members from accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access and any other type of unfair treatment. CONGRESS WORLD commits to process only the strictly necessary personal data of its members and to avoid the entering of any sensitive data.

After the registration, members retain the right, to have access at any time to all data about themselves maintained by CONGRESS WORLD, according the applicable protection laws. Also they can apply to CONGRESS WORLD for the modification of the data, if one or some of the information given has been modified after their registration, or even their deletion, if a member does not have the same status any more. For these reasons, each member must communicate with CONGRESS WORLD to the email address: and submit the relevant request or send a letter to the address of CONGRESS WORLD mentioned at the beginning of these terms.


Intellectual and industrial property rights for the structure and the organization of the website, its content, its services, its software program and all general technical parameters, its appearance and presentation on the Internet as well as its logos and trademarks are exclusive owned by CONGRESS WORLD or members of the website or its affiliated companies, of which CONGRESS WORLD has been authorized to present them at the website and are protected by Greek, Community and International intellectual and industrial property laws. They are only available to members of the website for personal (non-commercial or profit-making) use.

The website, under the present terms and conditions and all applicable laws and regulations, grants its members with a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal, limited right to access, use and present the contents and services provided through the website. It is forbidden to use it for any other reason, as well as the partial or total, with or without consideration, copy, sale, republication, reproduction in any way, modification and distribution of all contents and services of the website without the prior written, unconditional and explicit permission of CONGRESS WORLD and / or its beneficiary.

The member declares and guarantees to CONGRESS WORLD and the other members of the website that the information, texts and generally any information posted to the website belongs solely to its own property and has the exclusive right to use and exploit it, otherwise it has obtained all the legal licenses required for its lawful use and its post to the website.

Accepting these terms and conditions, subject to a well-founded and exclusively scientific opinion, the member explicitly and unreservedly declares and guarantees to CONGRESS WORLD and the other members of the website to refrain from posting on the content of the website any comment or other text that offends or affects the personal dignity and professional reputation of a third party member or non-member of the website.


The member declares and accepts that the nature of the information disclosed through the website may refer to factual facts and elements which are sensitive third-party personal data. CONGRESS WORLD lays the utmost importance to safeguarding the confidentiality of such data. By accepting these terms, the member declares and guarantees that he/she will take any action required to protect and safeguard the sensitive personal data held by him/her in the course of his profession or capacity and that he/she will refrain from any disclosure to the website of information that is likely to offend the rights of third parties in relation to their data, even for gross negligence. Each member also declares and warrants that he will respect and protect medical confidentiality and professional confidentiality connected to the data and the information posted or communicated through the website.

SENDING OF NEWSLETTERS – COMMERCIAL COMMUNICATIONS When a member registers to the website, according to these special terms and conditions, gives its unconditional consent to CONGRESS WORLD to use the member’s e-mail address to send newsletters – and news of CONGRESS WORLD. If the member does not wish to receive such newsletters in the future, may send an e-mail to so that CONGRESS WORLD will not include its e-mail address in the address list of recipients for future messages and updates.


When visiting or using the website, small files, commonly known as cookies, may be placed on the member’s computer. These files are stored on the hard disk of the member’s computer and they do not affect or read any file on their computer. They are used for statistical purposes in order to determine the areas of the website that have more traffic, with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of the website. The member has the ability to configure his computer to accept the existence of these files, be alerted whenever a new cookie is displayed, or reject their installation on his computer.

LINKS WITH OTHER WEBSITES The website may contain links of other websites, as an additional source of information. CONGRESS WORLD will makes every effort so that the links contained on its website to refer to useful websites according the high quality level of services it desires to offer to its members. CONGRESS WORLD does not guarantee of the level and the quality of the websites presented through links and does not assume any responsibility for the content of the websites that are not owned by CONGRESS WORLD. CONGRESS WORLD is not responsible for any communication of the member with third parties that may be advertised and / or referred in any way to the website and for any possible transaction that may arise from such communication.

EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY OF CONGRESS WORLD. CONGRESS WORLD makes every effort to ensure that the content and information that appears on the website at any time is as accurate and true as possible, does not guarantee and is not, however, liable for its reliability, completeness or timeliness, or for any accuracy or forfeiture of information, for any errors or omissions. CONGRESS WORLD will protect its members from any viruses or other harmful components from servers through which its contents and services are provided. CONGRESS WORLD is not responsible for any temporary disruption of the website or any damage of any kind, whether direct or indirect, positive, incidental or other, in connection with this website and its use, or its inability to use it, loss of information sent through it, a defect or delay of operation, interruption or failure to communicate, computer viruses.


The member declares and guarantees to CONGRESS WORLD that it is obliged to indemnify CONGRESS WORLD for any damage, whether positive or negative, direct or indirect, which may arise in connection with the member’s use of the website. It also declares and guarantees to CONGRESS WORLD that it will exempt the company from any claim, indemnity, loss or expense (including legal costs and fees) that may incur to CONGRESS WORLD or pay due to the member’s use of the website in a manner contrary to these terms or the law.


Any voidability of any of these terms will not invalidate nor affect the validity of the other terms.


The non-exercise or non-immediate exercise of any right by CONGRESS WORLD in relation to these terms does not constitute or may be construed as a waiver of the relevant right, which CONGRESS WORLD is entitled to exercise in its sole discretion.


Courts responsible for resolving any dispute arising out of these terms and generally the use of the website are those of Athens and govern the law of Greece.